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Cable Mission Television



CMTV network is our registered cable tv broadcasting outfit under the holding company, Multimesh Communications Limited and it is one of the constituents of Multimesh Broadcasting Company.CMTV came as a result of the introduction of the revolutionary microwave Multiple Distribution System (MMDS) into the Nigeria communication environment by Multimesh Communications and this has been the key success fact in the satisfactory execution and growth of cable satellite related projects and innovations.

This provided a veritable source of Cable TV Entertainment, capable of adapting today’s increasing technological dynamics in the industry with absolute commitment to quality and decency.CMTV Network was nurtured from a background that consistently pioneer service excellence in communication technology with world class records. CMTV today parades the most recent state-of-the-art technology in cable satellite television in Nigeria, hence becoming the first cable tv company in Nigeria to upgrade from the analogue platform to digital. with over 25 channels in its bouquet at that period, covering documentaries, news, sports, music, movies, lifestyle, children and youth entertainment, religion, politics and all programmes necessary for restoring core values and dignity in our family, CMTV has always been at the fore front of family values promotion and entertainment.

The recent transformation to Cable Africa Network Television (CANtv), the pay tv now has as much as 75 quality and family friendly international and local channels in its bouquet and ery soon these channels will reach every home in the Nigeria, west Africa region and beyond via the satellite Direct-To – Home platform.