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Sir Godfrey Nnamdi Ohuabunwa Group Managing Director, Multimesh Communications Group
“Show me a company with integrity and I will show you an unstoppable success”, these words by Bill Gates aptly describes the Multimesh Communications Group of Companies which has under its umbrella a number of successful enterprises which include Phones Warehouse, Cable African TV Network (CANtv), Cable Mission Television CMTV– Network, MMC USA HOLDING LLC, Multimesh Infotech Limited, ACG Communications ltd, Multimesh Broadcast Company Ltd -MBC, Multimesh Entertainment Limited, Kenwood Nigeria and Multimesh Communications Limited.

LIKE the Oak tree, the organization has grown from a humble beginning in 1986 as a sole owner enterprise with less than one hundred ($100) dollars under the management of Sir Godfrey Nnamdi Ohuabunwa, a visionary entrepreneur who sees every challenge as an opportunity to reach for the top. As the Group Managing Director, he has built the company into one of the biggest entertainment conglomerates in Africa with a fortune of over $30million.

A graduate of English Language, Ohuabunwa attended the BBC Training School, Worchester, UK where he received training in Television Technology, thereafter he returned to Nigeria to establish a cable television in Port Harcourt. “After my training at BBC, I decided to invest in broadcasting with the aim of not just informing the public, but to also educate the public and provide them with quality entertainment which projects the true African values that is why our radio and television channels are unique in the sense that parents can watch television or listen to radio with their children without feeling uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, we are the only authentic television and radio station in subsaharan African that caters for family entertainment”, he emphasized.

Today, CANtv which is a subsidiary of Multimesh Communications Group is the second largest MMDS cable satellite TV company in Nigeria with over 78 channels while Multimesh Broadcasting Company (MBC) has launched its Premium Satellite television channels namely, African Movie Net (AMN) and the Odenigbo TV on Amos 5 West African Spot Beam. By October of 2015 MBC will be launching additional five satellite TV channels namely, Afro-hit, G-Rhythm, Irawo-TV, Ganaku and African Movie Net Extra. MBC has produced internationally premiered and award winning films and programs which include The House of Abraham, The Amazing Grace, Mary Slessor, Queen Amina and the African Perspective Program.

The radio arm of Multimesh Broadcasting Company called Love FM which had its first station established in 2003 has been thriving and ranks the number one preferred family radio station in Nigeria with over 10 million listeners covering FCT (North Central) on 104.5 FM Abuja, South South on 97.7 FM Port Harcourt, South East on 103.9 FM Umuahia and 99.9 FM Enugu.

The group has also expanded its operations to Design, Sale and Installation of Integrated Trucking Radio Communication Network, Micro Wave links, External Cable Plants, PABX, PAS, CASS, CATV Infrastructure Development, and Electronic Video & Satellite Surveillance for Single and Multiple Building Application for the State Department, Police, the Military and the Oil Exploration Companies in Nigeria.

Sir Ohuabunwa who is also the Vice Chairman, Association of Cable Satellite TV Operators of Nigeria (ACON) attributed the success recorded by the company to hardwork, perseverance and grace of God. According to him, “the journey has been quite challenging but wonderful. The Love FM radio network has grown to become one of the best radio stations in Nigeria, our world acclaimed and family oriented live reality radio program “ Brekete Family” Hembelembe!! By Ordinary Ahmed Isa is the most popular radio program in Nigeria with over 20 million listeners both linear and internet. The major challenge however is inadequate funds because the banks are not willing to finance the broadcast business, presently we have 15 radio licenses but we have only been able to deploy six. This challenge is not just limited to the radio business but also extends to the television business.

“It is a pity that the financial sector is yet to understand the huge potentials in the broadcast industry especially its ability to provide abundant employment opportunities. Take Nollywood for instance, it is next to agriculture in terms of employment generation, it is one industry the government can leverage on in its bid to diversify the economy as it generates a lot of foreign exchange. As a matter of fact one film can employ hundreds of people at a time, so if the industry is well funded it will create so much jobs which in turn would generate revenue for the country. Another challenge in the industry has to do with quacks who go about parading themselves as broadcasters, this has no doubt tarnished the image of the industry as it poses some form of threat to investors.”

Commenting on ways by which the government can help tackle the challenges being faced in the industry, Ohuabunwa who is a member of the Institute of Directors, urged the present administration to build on what has already been achieved in strengthening the Nollywood industry, he also advised that the Bank of Industry and NEXIM bank should be strengthened to finance the broadcast industry especially the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission to help foster the digitalization process.

It is no gainsaying that the success recorded over the years by the Multimesh Group is not far fetched from the virtues of integrity which the board exudes at all times and its ability to leverage on modern technology with a good balance of experience and innovation as it continues to lead in the dynamic and fast growing markets but also not slack on providing its customers with consistent quality they are known for. “I started business at the age of 17, along the line I had an encounter which gave me a better knowledge of God and empowered me to build a foundation that is based on Christian values with integrity being our framework. We always keep to our promises because we believe in best practices and we want to be dependable to our customers. Growing up I was taught by my mother to be honest in whatever I am doing because my mother was a devoted Christian. Also, my brother Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa who is the chairman of this company influences me a great deal because he is a man who exudes integrity at all times. In keeping to our values on integrity, we pay our taxes to the appropriate government agencies and we emphasize the need for our employees to be honest and ethical as entrenched in our core values”, he said.

Recognizing the impact its customers and host communities have had on its success over the years, Multimesh Group being a socially responsible organization also gives back to the public in appreciation of how far they have helped the company to succeed. “As part of our CSR, we earmark 30 percent of our profit yearly to charity works. We have built and renovated old people’s homes in Rivers State, we also supply food items and medicine to them. We give support to Boys’ Scout, Boys’ Brigade, Man-O-War and Girls’ Guide. We give scholarships to indigent students in primary and secondary schools and we also support the churches in our communities. We have been to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps in Yola and Borno this year to give medicine and food items to the people. We have also extended our reach to remote communities which include Koma in Adamawa State and Kamberi in Niger State where we have built schools because we don’t believe in limiting our CSR to the urban centres. We give support to widows and we provide financial assistance yearly to not less than 20 wives of drivers in our various companies to start petty trades”, the astute businessman informed.

In its continued pursuit for innovation and excellence, Multimesh Communication Limited, under Sir. Godfrey Ohuabunwa has set up and successfully operated businesses in the Information Communication Technology and Broadcasting in Nigeria. Today the company has diversified into manufacturing of Digital Set Top Box and other television receiving apparatus in Port Harcourt in partnership with Gospell Digital Technology of China.

On where he sees the company in the nearest future, he said, “presently we are among the top ten telecommunications companies in Nigeria and we are the sole distributor of Kenwood Radios in Nigeria. Our plan for the next five years is to be the biggest radio station in Nigeria as we aim to establish Love FM in the 36 states of the federation. We are also setting up a company to manufacture digital boxes in Port Harcourt. With these plans, we will be creating more employment opportunities for the teeming Nigeria youths.”

A Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Sales Management (FNISM) and Alumnus of the prestigious Harvard Business School, Sir Ohuabunwa has won several awards and recognitions, among which are; The Ikemba of Arochukwu Kingdom, Knight of Saint Christopher (KSC) Anglican Communion, Professional Leadership Award- Rotary international, Year 2003 Business Leader Award- Junior Chamber International, Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Entrepreneur Merit Award, Men Christian Association Merit Award, Citizenship and Leadership Merit Award- Federal Ministry of Youths and Sports. He received the International Star Award for Quality from Business Initiative Directors – BID at Geneva in 2008.



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